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Description Our Dishwasher Detergent is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. It does not contain any of the following: chlorine, phosphates, fragrances, preservatives, fillers, borax, sulfates, or dangerous chemicals of any kind. Our detergent cleans dishes to a sparkle naturally, and does not leave behind a filmy residue. This compostable/biodegradable bag is 32 ounces. Simply use one heaping Tablespoon as one scoop. Our Refill bag is made of 40% recycled natural kraft paper (25% post-consumer) and lined with a compostable film made from annually renewable plants. Prior to composting, simply remove the tin tie and label and feel proud about the fact that you have used a biodegradable product! Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate, Soda Ash, sodium citrate, non-GMO citric acid (from fruit sugar), Green Earth Naturals handmade soap, and Sodium Carboxy (food grade). Directions: One tablespoon for regular loads. We have found that just under one scoop will clean even our toughest, non-prewashed, dishes to a sparkle! Some of our reviews: “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your dishwasher detergent for a couple of months now and I love it! You recommended using less than a full scoop to start with… I use about a half scoop since we have a high efficiency dishwasher and our dishes come out clean and glasses spotless. Since our household consists of just my husband and myself, we only run the dishwasher a couple of times a week on average, so I still have not used enough of your detergent to store the scoop inside the mason jar! Economical and earth-friendly for me, but not so good for you business-wise! You may have sold me a lifetime supply in one jar! Thanks again for making such a great product.” ” Better results than retail soap. Wonderful feeling to use this product!” “This detergent cleans just as well as my old brand-name dishwasher soap, with none of the chemical additives. ” A Few Notes This dishwasher detergent is ultra concentrated, and you may find that you do not even need to use a full scoop. + Moreultra concentrated – Organic – Toxic Free


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