Lea Rainey - Founder

Food lover, technology geek, nourishment innovator, runner, mother, wife, & fellow earthling.

Lea has spent the majority of her adult life in the corporate world managing global accounts for Hewlett-Packard and collaborating on projects with companies like Procter & Gamble.  After a successful career and seeing her son off to college, Lea leaped.  A life-long environmentalist and social activist, she always had a vision of of owning her own neighborhood market.  Providing natural foods and products without the waste associated with modern day shopping.  This isn’t a blind venture for Lea,  in her journey she has mastered supply chain management and been exposed to the latest food system technology. Lea is a leader in zero waste living and an advocate for community education.

Lea Rainey

Lea Rainey


Zach Yunker - Co-owner

Hops enthusiest, dog father, food fan, bike rider, husband, & champion of the outdoors

Zach joins Roots Zero Waste Market with over 30 years of experience in the Restaurant and brewing industry. He has both led and advised the start-up and expansion of many local businesses and brings with him the operations experience to manage a lean start-up like Roots. He too is passionate about the environment and food systems and is particularly adept at waste management within the restaurant food system.  His years as an outdoor enthusiast across the Northwest drives his excitement to combine taking care of the earth and enjoying all that it has to offer via fresh foods.

Zach Yunker

Zach Yunker

The Short Story

What Is Roots?

ROOTS Zero Waste Market

We sell organic, non-GMO bulk foods, household/beauty goods and through the café, create fresh foods for dine in or take-away from the same products in the store. Self-service tare stations simplify the bulk shopping experience and allow customers to bring in their own containers for re-use or to purchase new and simply weigh, fill and pay for bulk goods. 

Some of the yum

  • Organic grains, pulses, pasta, flour
  • Organic baking ingredients
  • Organic premium oils and vinegars
  • Organic spices
  • Organic condiments
  • Non-toxic household products 
  • Non-toxic personal care products
  • Local organic produce
  • Organic dairy and animal products
  • Organic fresh pressed juice, coffee & tea
  • Organic freshly prepared deli foods
  • Organic re-useable shopping bags & food storage containers
  • Regional Beer, Wine, Cider

The Funding

Self-Funded with 401K Seed Money from the  Owners Raised  $30,000  dollars through Angel Investors within the first 2 months

Crowd funded over $5,500 in just 20 days from $10 incremental donations from the local community

Projected 2% capture of the local market within 1st year

Currently seeking 2nd – Round Investors to fund construction of the Market

Can't Stop, Won't Stop


May 2018- October 2018

-Incorporated as an LLC

-Began social media campaign

-Featured on NPR/ Boise State Public Radio Idaho Matters (Live)

-Boise Weekly Roots Market Interview

-Raised 30K from Angel Investors

-Began negotiations on building lease

-Commenced community fundraising effort for small donations of $10

-Grew social media with local and organic efforts

-Began traditional SBA efforts

Can't stop, won't stop


-$5,500 total raised from June fundraising

-Started permit and occupancy meetings with Garden City

-Completed design of outdoor monument sign

-First Friday Parking lot bash, raised $1,200, 300 attendees

-2018 PGB Sustainability Summit for Idaho Educators

-Approval from Garden City Planning

-Signed building lease

-Building Sign delivered and installed

-Front page Idaho Statesman feature of Roots Zero Waste Market