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Are all of our products Certified Organic?

Not technically. While our goal is to provide organic, toxic-free products, not all of our makers and farmers have the means to pursue “Organic Certification”. What we look for when selecting products for you is how ethical, sustainable, toxic-free, and GMO free our vendors are raising, growing and creating the end products we sell to you.

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BYOC? What if I don’t have my own container?

: Whether didn’t plan for a shopping trip, forgot or just plain don’t have your own container, it’s no problem. We have a variety of re-usable containers for purchase to pack your products home in. Forgot your re-useable shopping bag too? Just take advantage of our “Bring a bag..Leave a bag”; recycled cloth bag program. Shopping in bulk is easy and we make it easier!!

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What kind of containers can I bring to fill in the grocery area?

If you can weigh it…you can fill it!! (well, we draw the line at wheelbarrows!) We just ask that it’s clean. This is mostly for your protection but also to ensure the longevity and safety of the food or household products you are putting your container.

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Can I bring my own container to be filled at the Café?

This is where it gets a little tricky but we have a solution! Due to Dept of Health and Welfare regulations, we cannot accept and fill containers which we cannot certify are sanitized to the Health dept standard. However, there are 3 ways we are addressing this issue:

  1. Participate in our container exchange program. Whether you purchased a Roots lunch container during our Indiegogo Campaign or picked one up at the Market, bring it in when you want to take away food from the café and we’ll exchange it for a sterilized container.
  2. Bring in or drop off a Dishwasher safe container. We’ll run it through our dishwasher and fill it with your fresh food choices from the deli. This might take a little longer but what’s a few minutes of wait time compared to hundreds of years to break down food packaging?
  3. We offer fully compostable take away products for when you’ve forgotten or are traveling without containers. We will gladly compost those containers for you when done, if you don’t have the option.

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How is Roots different from any other grocery store?

Roots is different in two ways from traditional US grocery stores.

  1. You control your bulk shopping experience. We have placed several convenient Tare stations (weigh scales) through the market so you can easily weigh, fill and pay without hassle.
  2. Roots is eliminating the (literal) tons of food waste associated with traditional grocery stores through our on-site, closed-loop food waste program. By rotating food from the Grocery through to the Café, we eliminate food waste due to expiration or superficial damage and keep fresh product rotating through to you, as the consumer.

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