Our Café is a reflection of the fresh, local and sustainably farmed ingredients for sale in our grocery market. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you are dining-in or need a quick meal to take with you, you’ll find it at Roots.

Explore our fresh-prep cases and choose from our daily rotation (and some favorite staples) of fresh prepared Vegan, Vegetarian and Clean Protein salads, entrees, soups and fresh baked goods. Or choose from our made-to-order menu, featuring signature sandwiches and small plates to share with friends! We also offer locally roasted coffee, house pressed juice, numerous wines, ciders, local beers and botanical sodas. All to enjoy while you are shopping in the market or lounging on the patio!

Our style here is simple and unique. Whole fresh foods done well and formed to inspire. Even if you are busy and on the go, you can come here and feel like you’re eating a home-crafted meal, created with care.

Along side our café, we offer a full-service bulk deli counter. Here you will find a variety of whole wheel and bulk cheeses, butter, yogurts, meats, antipasto and dips. Whether you are stocking your fridge for lunch staples or preparing for a party, you will find it here, fresh.

How to Bulk Shop in the Café and Deli:

Due to local health regulations, unlike the bulk grocery bins, we cannot directly fill your container in the Cafe. Instead, here are the options we have available to make zero waste dining possible:

Before we take your order, we’ll ask you how you’d like to shop – we have options to meet your lifestyle!

  1. Compostable Packaging To-Go
    For sandwiches, meats, cheeses, etc. We use plastic & PFOA – free and paper wrapping and paper bags. For Salads and Entrée’s we use compostable paper containers. While we won’t charge extra for these containers, we do ask that you make sure they end up in a compost and not the landfill. (we have onsite composting – ask us where you can drop them off!)
  2. Roots container exchange program.
    To participate in the program, we will supply you with a glass container for a small first-time deposit. Each time you want to take-away salads or Entrée’s, using this container, we will exchange it with the exact sterilized container. As always, we will deduct the weight of the container, so you only pay for it’s contents.
  3. Roots Wash and Go
    If you don’t mind spending a few minutes extra and your container is dishwasher safe, we will gladly sanitize your container on the spot and fill it with your desired foods. You’ll be on your way;  waste-free!
    Don’t have time to wait? We can serve you on our dish and you can simply package it yourself at our self-serve table, located in the café. We’ll do the washing up after!